Stunning Special Occasion Flowers by Skilled Florists in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Make your special event memorable with inspiring special occasion flowers. At Artemisia Floral Art, in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, our florists arrange bouquets that are beautifully designed and crafted with exceptional care. Our gorgeous hand-tied bouquets will paint a smile on the face of your friend or relative.

Attractive Flowers for Special Occasions

Ideal for your special occasion, our captivating, hand-tied floral arrangements are tailored to your individual tastes. Offering an impressive scope for design, we create beautiful special occasion flowers and bespoke bouquets for:

Birthdays Anniversaries Special Occasions

Mothers Days International 

 Welcoming Gifts Christmas Bereavements


Exotic Flowers for Hand-Tied Bouquets

Supported by a strong network of floristry professionals, we have access to high-quality, freshly cut flowers from exotic locations. We offer the only freshest flowers seasonally selected to please our customers all year round. As well as locations that are farther afield, we get our flowers from:


Look no further than our flower shop for long-lasting quality and exceptional value for money. Of course, we take meticulous care to create superior, made-to-order bouquets. We welcome short-notice orders, and deliver your flowers to your doorstep for added convenience.

Bespoke Special Occasion Flowers

While any flowers make a wonderful gift, a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement will reflect the special relationship you have with your relative, friend, or loved one. In addition to special occasion flowers, we create personalised message cards, where we present your message in a stylish font.

Carefully crafted to suit your personal tastes, our bespoke, hand-tied bouquets come in exquisite vases. Each and every flower we include is picked to suit your preferences, and we consider your unique wishes while creating our flower arrangements.