Fabulous selection of


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Lovely selection of Bouquets

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We offer a range of household plants

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Everlasting Roses in the domes are one of our shop's speciality gifts and are real preserved flowers that keep their beauty up to 3 years

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Stunning Flowers for Special Occasions

Timeless, classic and elegant, flowers are perfect for any special occasion. We arrange deluxe bouquets using fresh flowers that exude exotic aromas. A wonderful gesture, the gift of flowers will reflect your devotion to your loved one.

Captivate Guests with Wedding Flowers

Your wedding is a magical time. A stunning setting will provide the perfect backdrop to bring guests and loved ones closer together. Our dedicated florists arrange beautiful bridal bouquets and wedding flowers for your celebration.

Flowers Bringing Elegance to Your Office

When it comes to business, presentation is crucial. Our florists offer unrivalled expertise, and match each flower to your corporate colour scheme. Our corporate flowers will boost your professional image and attract potential clients.

Beautiful, Bespoke Sympathy Flowers

Flowers are a special way of remembering a person precious to you. Pay heartfelt tributes to your loved one with bespoke floral arrangements designed by compassionate florists. Our stunning flowers are to be cherished and treasured.

About Us
Nothing says care like fresh, fragrant flowers. Whether you want to surprise the special person in your life with a delightful gift, or bring class to your workplace, flowers create a superb atmosphere. At Artemisia Floral Art in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, we are renowned as an independent flower shop. Backed by more than ten years of experience, our skilled florists use premium flowers to create bespoke, hand-tied bouquets and exquisite floral arrangements. Individually designed with artistic flair, our arrangements are totally unique to each client’s taste. Perfect for special events, from weddings to corporate occasions. In addition to breathtaking flowers, we offer a spectacular selection of accessories that will enhance your floral design. Rest assured when you consult our company you will receive a floristry service that is second to none.

Flexible Floral Arrangements

As an understanding company, we operate with your best interests at heart. Taking a flexible approach, we welcome last-minute orders and work to accommodate your schedule. Look no further than Artemisia Floral Art for striking, tailored designs, whether you require flowers for:

Weddings | Special Occasions | Corporate Events | Funerals